Hire a Skilled Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Hire a Skilled Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Accidents and injuries at work frequently occur for example the common injuries include falling off the ladder which results in the broken arm, back injuries due to lifting heavy cartons and boxes, carpal tunnel syndrome etc. The workers’ compensation lawyer helps to recover the compensation of the workers including lost wages and medical bills who get injured on a job. It is allowed according to the workers’ compensation laws that injured workers depending on their injuries receive various benefits. These include the benefits of:

  • Total or permanent disability
  • Partial or Permanent disability
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Partial or temporary disability
  • Medical
  • Wage reimbursement

Laws of Workers’ Compensation

Federal statutes and state workers’ compensation acts govern the workers’ compensation law which provides the fixed awards to the employee or his/her dependent in cases of injuries, accidents, and diseases related to employment. These awards permit the injured workers to get compensation without commencing any legal action against the employer. The numerous state acts vary with the respect of the duration and amount of benefits, type of the workers covered, and other particulars.

There are various federal laws under which the federal employees are covered including:

  • Federal Employees Compensation Act (federal workers)
  • The Jones Act (seaman)
  • Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (Longshore and harbor workers)

The effect of many workers’ compensation laws is to make the employers stringently accountable to the employee for sustaining the injuries while working, without any regard to the carelessness of the employee or employer. So for a valid claim, the injury must rise in the scope and course of the employment and a relationship of an employer-employee must exist. Most workers’ compensation laws do not cover the independent contractors. So in order to claim your case as a plaintiff or defendant, Zrawa Law Group provides workers’ Compensation lawyer Chino Hills CA.

Skills and Knowledge

The requisite knowledge and skills to excel as an attorney of workers’ compensation case include:

  • Strong Litigation experience
  • Working knowledge and familiarity with workers’ compensation procedures and laws
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Strong analytical and research skills
  • Ability to manage the load of cases and handle multiple deadlines and priorities efficiently
  • Outstanding negotiation skills
  • Capability to work in a group or team environment as well as independently
  • Excellent technology skills and expertise with Microsoft Office software and legal research platforms such as Westlaw and Lexis
  • Understanding of scientific, medical, products, construction, engineering and other similar issues essential in workers compensation suits

Specific skills of claimant side

  • Understanding of the process of filing claims
  • Understanding and compassion of the difficulties of injured workers’

Specific skills of claimant side

  • Understanding of the guidelines for handling claims for each business unit
  • Ability to calculate exposure and budget costs
  • Understanding of the billing procedures

Workers Compensation Attorney Education

Like other lawyers in U. S, Undergraduate degree is must for the workers’ compensation attorneys, must have completed 4 years in law school and passed the bar exam to have the license of practicing law.

Job Environment

Workers’ compensation lawyers work in the office environment. They are mostly employed by the corporate legal department and law firm. Frequent travel to job sites, hearings, depositions, arbitrations is required and sometimes it may take many hours to travel to distant locations for hearings and testimonies.