10 Steps After a Motorcycle Accident in Phoenix

The freedom of riding a motorcycle along the roads of Arizona is an experience many want to enjoy. The state has some of the most beautiful and scenic areas in the nation. However, with so many cars, trucks and cycles on the roads, it is inevitable that there will be accidents.

Here are ten things you need to do to protect yourself and others after a motorcycle accident in Phoenix. After this article, read this page: Tips to Prevent Motorcycle Injury on Arizona Roads.

1. Get out of danger as quickly as possible.

No one plans to have an accident; instead, these things happen when you least expect it. You may even be sitting in a traffic lane. It is best for all involved to move to safety when able. Approaching vehicles might not see the accident scene until too late.

2. Do not move anyone hurt badly.

Be smart here. If anyone is severely injured, wait until the authorities arrive to make a decision about relocating them.

3. Always call emergency 9-1-1.

Fight the inclination to avoid getting the police involved. Yes, it may all seem a minor “fender-bender” at the time. Yet, anyone who has been in a motorcycle accident knows that internal injuries sometimes become apparent only after the fact. Establishing an objective record of the events can help you file an insurance or legal claim later.

4. Do not give in to road rage.

Quite often Arizona drivers become angry about being hurt by another. They may want to strike out, either verbally or physically. Doing so can be a big mistake. Victims of motorcycle accidents can become the subject of a lawsuit by assaulting the other driver.

5. Take pictures to document the scene.

In the old days, you had to wait for the investigators to arrive with their cameras. Now, just whip out a cell phone and capture evidence needed to establish blame for the accident. Be sure to take pictures of the surrounding area.

6. Record witness contact information.

If there is a lawsuit, your motorcycle accident lawyer will need to speak to witnesses. If you fail to ask them for contact information, forget about it. Before leaving the accident scene, always know how to reach everyone who was in the vicinity. It is a good idea to call their cell phones right there. An incorrect number does you no good.

7. Accept medical attention.

Ever heard of whiplash? Well, the rapid back-and-forth movement of the neck during an accident can result in serious internal pain. In some cases, motorcycle accident victims only begin showing symptoms a few days later. Medical professionals can check for the likelihood of such injuries.

8. Remain silent about what happened.

Never forget that you are not a legal professional. Let your motorcycle accident lawyer talk to the other party. All you should do is ask for their contact information. In Phoenix, there are drivers who have lost cases because of the things said after an accident. The opposing side could easily claim that a simple, “sorry,” was an admission of guilt.

9. Contact a Phoenix personal injury lawyer.

The sooner that an attorney gets working on the case, the better. Medical reports, witness statements and investigative summaries need perusal. There is also a time limit for reporting road accidents. Delay helps you in no way.

10. Contact your insurance company.

Your motorcycle accident lawyer can help with an insurance claim. In general, insurers respect claims that list medical expenses and lost wages. Pain and suffering is another possibility. Your legal representative will look at the case facts to discern exactly what compensation to request.

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