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When an injury happens at work, the state’s workers’ compensation system can be a source of financial assistance for suffering workers. However, the work comp system can be difficult to navigate without qualified legal help. As simple as it may seem to file a claim and get help for injury costs, it’s not always that clear cut. A rise in workers’ compensation fraud and for profit insurance carriers has made it challenging for suffering employees to get the help they need.

The skilled lawyers at Liberty Bell Workers Compensation can make a difference in the lives of hurt employees. Our ethical work injury lawyers are always ferocious advocates of those harmed through no fault of their own and make it their mission to see workers fairly awarded benefits for injury damages. Hiring a knowledgeable work comp attorney at our firm can mean the difference of getting no benefits, or getting enough benefits to meet your current and future injury needs.

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Work injuries are never expected, but when an injury does happen, it can turn an employee’s life upside down. Physically painful injuries can cause emotional and financial distress. Stressed, confused, and overwhelmed, many workers rush to settle a claim with an insurance company. The dedicated work injury lawyers at Liberty Bell Workers Compensation are contacted daily by workers who realized too late the importance of securing experienced legal representation.

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You deserve maximum benefits for your back injury, neck injury, spinal cord injury, shoulder injury, hand injury, foot injury, or any other type of workplace injury. Talk to a professional work injury attorney at Liberty Bell Workers Compensation as soon as possible to ensure your case is not denied, delayed or modified. Per law, you only have a short window of time to report your injury and begin the claims process. Failure to act within the time permitted can result in a claim denial. Don’t let one more day pass by without taking action! Call our law group now to discuss your potential case.

Common Workplace Accidents Explained

In Pennsylvania, workers from many different industries are entitled to benefits if they are injured or develop an occupational illness while on the job. These offer financial help for medical appointments, treatment, and care as well as lost wages when you are unable to perform work duties. In order to facilitate the process so you can concentrate on healing, the Liberty Bell Workers Compensation firm stands ready to assist you with every step of this sometimes complex process.

Over the last 35 years, attorney Gregory Boles has handled a wide range of workplace accidents and incidents. These include but are not limited to accidents associated with:

  • Construction Collapses and Falls – Whether part of the construction project comes down on top of workers or an individual falls from scaffolding or other high area, these accidents can cause serious injuries that have long-term or permanent consequences. Spine and neck injuries, concussions, broken bones, and traumatic brain injuries may occur. Construction is one of the most dangerous industries with more than 150,000 incidents annually.
  • Caught In or Between Objects – This type of injury is described as one of the “Fatal Four” by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). They occur most frequently in industrial or manufacturing jobs or anywhere heavy machinery or equipment is used.
  • Physical, Electrical, or Chemical Burns – Any type of burn can cause serious health issues and debilitation that may or may not be permanent. They have a high chance of disfigurement, disability, and long-term consequences that may impact an individual’s ability to work at all. Commercial kitchen and restaurant work also involve a high potential for burns.
  • Electrocutions and Explosions – While these two types of accidents are quite different, they can both have extremely devastating outcomes. They are more common with utility and plant workers, although industries like construction, mining, and agriculture also contribute to part of the problem.
  • Forklift and Heavy Equipment Accidents – Operating mobile machinery results in many different types of injuries every year. They occur in warehouses, logistic centers, at shipyards and train stations, and in construction and demolition fields.
  • Occupational Hazards – Things like chemicals, radiation, and infectious materials may cause work-related diseases or illnesses that can affect people for a very long time or may even lead to their death. This includes everything from breathing in fumes to accidentally being stuck by hypodermic needles in a hospital.
  • Commercial Driving Accidents – Truckers, limousine drivers, delivery van operators, and more can receive workers compensation benefits if they were injured in a wreck while performing work-related duties. As the road sketch more congested and the danger levels increase, these are some of the more common types of work injuries in the future.
  • Repetitive Stress Injuries – Employees who engage in the same physical actions over and over again at work are susceptible to repetitive stress injuries that may involve joint damage, nerve problems, spine issues like herniated discs, arthritis, and other chronic complaints. Even though these are not as cute or dramatic as other types of workplace injuries, they are still covered by workers compensation in Pennsylvania.

Have You Suffered A Workplace Injury?

Sadly, many workplace-related injuries result in death. When a tragic workplace-related death occurs, the deceased’s surviving family members can file a workers’ compensation claim to collect specific types of benefits. When attempting to file a claim to collect death benefits, it’s highly recommended family members retain the services of a caring work comp lawyer Liberty Bell Workers Compensation. We are sympathetic to the emotional and financial needs of suffering family members, and approach each case with delicacy and compassion. Let us focus on getting you much needed benefits so you can focus on putting the pieces of your life back together.

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If you did not give the insurance company a recorded statement or did not sign a document provided by them, you may have received a notice stating the insurance company is denying or delaying your claim. It can be a difficult situation for workers in much need of help.

Although it may seem like no one is looking out for your best interests, the helpful workers comp staff at Liberty Bell Workers Compensation will fight for your legal rights. From the minute you contact them, they will take over all dealings with the insurance company. If you must talk to an insurance agent, they will be right by your side guiding you through the proceedings. Why worry about your future when a talented work comp attorney in our group can put you on the path towards a brighter future?

Are You Frustrated With Your Injury? Call Now For Legal Help!

You’re hurting and are not quite sure what must be done to get benefits. Here’s a simple list of what should be done immediately after being injured:

  • Don’t wait to see a doctor – your well being and the outcome of your work comp claim can be affected by the initial doctor visit
  • Follow the doctor’s orders – it’s imperative you go to every follow up appointment and follow any directions the doctor has given you
  • Don’t throw away paperwork – keep any paperwork your doctor, the insurance company or your employer has given you and make copies of any paperwork you send
  • Tell your supervisor about the injury – state law requires injured employees to report an injury no later than 120 days from the date the injury happened, but within 21 days of the injury occurring. Simply put, the sooner you inform your employer, the better
  • Discuss your situation with an attorney – Hiring experienced legal representation can prevent your claim from being denied or delayed and significantly increase the benefits amount awarded

Work Injury Lawyers In Philly

At a time when most hurt employees are not working, litigation costs can only compound financial burdens. Our caring and experienced staff at Liberty Bell Workers Compensation understand the pain and anguish you are going through. That is why we believe every client should have access to exceptional legal help and we won’t recover any fees until we win or settle your case. Although unlikely, if we are unable to win your case, we will absorb the litigations costs. So you pay no fees, ever!

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Call 215.399.0089 today and a helpful staff member schedule a free initial consultation with a work comp attorney in our firm who has handled cases similar to yours. As mentioned above, you won’t have to pay any legal fees until your case is won.

Why wait to discuss your case with a talented work injury lawyer at the Liberty Bell Workers Compensation? The sooner you call our law firm, the sooner we can begin the claims process, and the sooner you can get back to work.