Hand Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia

Hand Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia

The qualified hand injury attorneys at Liberty Bell Workers Compensation know firsthand how a severe hand injury can affect a worker’s professional and personal life. They are also aware of how a severe hand injury can have a devastating effect on a worker’s financial situation. Without the use of a hand, it can be almost impossible to work and provide for a family.

Hand Injury Attorney in Philadelphia

At Liberty Bell Workers Compensation, our dedicated  hand injury lawyers will act aggressively to get you benefits for the damages related to your hand injury. The amount and type of work comp benefits awarded vary per case, but the professional hand injury attorneys at our firm have secured significant benefits for:

  • Job retraining
  • Medical costs
  • Total or partial disability

Hand Injury Lawyers in Philadelphia

The hand is an intricate organ with the ability to handle the most callous task or the most delicate task like performing surgery. Hand injuries account for up to 10 percent of all emergency room visits in the nation and can be caused by trauma or repetitive stress. Like almost any organ in the human body, the hand can be severely damaged if exposed to trauma or repetitive stress. Injuries can vary greatly depending on how the injury occurred, but some injuries are more common than others. The most common types of hand injuries are:

Carpal tunnel syndrome
Carpal tunnel syndrome is a disorder caused by impingement of the carpal tunnel nerve. Individuals who perform repetitive actions on a daily basis like typing on a computer are at risk for developing carpal tunnel syndrome. This disorder can be painful and result in the inability to hold objects.

Like carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis is often caused by overuse of the tendons of the hand. When tendons are irritated, they become inflamed, and cause pain and weakness. Most cases of tendinitis can be treated at home, but if not treated properly, can become chronic.

Trigger finger
When the sheath surrounding the tendons of the finger is irritated, it can swell causing pain and stiffness. In some cases, an individual’s hand may snap or lock in place, resulting in decreased mobility.

Bone fractures
When one or more of the 27 bones in the human hand breaks, permanently disability can result. There are several types of bone fractures: stress fractures, comminuted fractures, and buckled fractures. The type and severity of a bone fracture will determine the course of treatment, which may include surgery and physical therapy.

Hand Injury Attorneys in Philadelphia

If you or a loved one suffered a severe hand injury while at work, the skilled hand injury attorneys at Liberty Bell Workers Compensation can help. They understand that even with treatment, you may not be able to regain full mobility or function of your hand. The knowledgeable hand injury lawyers at our firm won’t back down to insurance company demands and will use every resource they have to ensure you get the best medical care and best case outcome possible.

Philadelphia Hand Injury Lawyer

Don’t settle for what the insurance company is providing you. In most cases, it’s under the value of your case, and won’t meet your physical and financial needs. Get in touch with a caring hand injury attorney at the Liberty Bell Workers Compensation today by calling 215.399.0089. The initial consultation is free and should you decide to retain our services, you will not pay a dime until we win your case.