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If you’ve sustained an injury while working for your employer, you have to deal with more than medical appointments and possible pain. These highly stressful situations also include the potential for lost wages and ongoing expenses for additional appointments and medical treatment. In the case of severe accidents, you may worry about ever getting back on track with your career again. The last thing you need is more stress if your employer in Philadelphia or Allentown rejects your workers compensation claim at the start.

Unfortunately, this type of thing happens quite frequently so contacting a knowledgeable denied claims attorney ASAP is crucial. The insurance company that holds your employer’s policy has the primary goal of saving the company money. Therefore, they do not want to have to pay out compensation if they can help it. To that end, they claim that your injuries do not require all the medical treatment recommended or that you can return to work earlier than is prudent.

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Even though there are laws in place that are designed to safeguard workers rights in case of an accident on the job, unfortunately, many worker compensation claims in Philadelphia and Allentown are initially turned down. This mainly happens because they don’t have a seasoned denied claims lawyer to prepare a strong case or because of the insurance company’s laser focus on holding onto as much money as possible. They do this by assuming or deciding that your injury happened outside of work or that it didn’t cause sufficient pain or disability to stop you from performing your regular work duties.

According to Pennsylvania law, the employers have up to 21 days after you initially tell them about the injury to send a Notice of Compensation Denial. But, do not despair! Although it may seem like you’re in a tight spot, with the help of an experienced denied claims attorney, you can get this denial successfully overturned in the workers comp appeals process.

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In order to counteract these types of compensation denials, you’ll need an excellent denied claims lawyer on your side because this is not something that you can handle yourself. The right legal practitioner can file the appeal, navigate the entire process according to the laws of the state, and stand by your side during all necessary hearings or court appearances.