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One of the most horrific and devastating workplace traumas that our attorneys come across in Philadelphia and Allentown is the degloving injury. Their outcome is quite serious and often results in infections and medical amputation. Although the term itself seems to indicate damage to the hand, it is used to describe shearing off of the skin on any part of the body including feet, legs, scalp, or others. Even though severe nerve damage may occur, the individual may be able to retain a range of motion if the bones and muscles are not affected. Due to the severity of accidents that result in these types of traumas, medical compensation benefits may be considerable to help the wounded employee recover.

If an amputation is required, the PA workers compensation benefits will extend to special loss benefits that include a lump-sum settlement. If amputation is not necessary, the employee in Allentown can still suffer from long-term complications that decrease their ability to return to work or regular duties. Since this type of medical complication is quite traumatic, there is a chance they will not be emotionally able to use a certain piece of equipment or machinery again if that is what caused the trauma to begin with. All of these factors are taken into account by our degloving injury lawyers in Philadelphia when the medical documentation is gathered for a workers compensation claim.

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The law firm of Liberty Bell Workers Compensation offers an understanding of both the legal and emotional side of such a serious workplace accident. While you struggle to heal and get back to your more confident and pain-free life, our competent degloving injury attorneys in Philadelphia and Allentown will take care of all the paperwork, deadlines, and procedures necessary to get you all of the compensation you are entitled to.

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We understand the severity of degloving injuries and what kind of effect they can have on both employees and their families. Our skilled lawyers are dedicated to doing everything in their power to get the maximum workers compensation benefits by providing you with sound legal advice and timely legal action in Philadelphia. Get in touch today!