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When benefits from the workers’ compensation system are delayed, it’s the injured employee who bears the brunt of the consequences. This can feel highly disconcerting, and that’s why, at Liberty Bell Workers Compensation, we’re here to help. You can rely on us to provide the answers you seek and connect you with an experienced delayed claim attorney in Philadelphia or Allentown.

Weeks, months, or even years without benefits and medical care can significantly impact an injured worker’s health. Don’t let this hinder your rightful compensation and recovery! Seek our professional assistance of our delayed claims lawyers to navigate this challenging situation effectively.

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Act without hesitation if your workers’ compensation case is pending while the insurance company deliberates on admission or denial. Reach out to a proficient delayed claims attorney, as the insurance company’s interests may already be represented by a legal team. Safeguard your rights by seeking dedicated legal representation focused on securing your rightful benefits. 

An experienced delayed claim lawyer in Philadelphia or Allentown can stay ahead of the insurance company’s tactics and ensure your case is not wrongfully denied. Moreover, they can assist with: 

  • Paperwork.
  • Negotiations.
  • Medical care.
  • Maximizing the benefits you receive.

Take the vital steps for strengthening your work compensation case

While a work comp claim may encounter delays, taking specific actions can bolster its validity. Strengthen your case by promptly seeking medical examination and treatment for your injury. Report the incident to your supervisor immediately, and if possible, provide written notice detailing the injury. Crucially, consult a compassionate delayed claim lawyer. They can provide invaluable legal counsel, shielding you from aggressive insurance tactics that might jeopardize your chances of obtaining benefits.

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By getting in touch with us you can rest assured that you’ll be in the capable hands of an ethical and assertive delayed claim attorney with extensive experience in handling cases like yours. Don’t let the fear of legal expenses hold you back, as our knowledgeable legal team operates under a no win, no fee guarantee.

Don’t prolong the wait for essential medical treatment and disability payments – reach out to Liberty Bell and act promptly to secure the assistance you urgently need. For a complimentary consultation with an ethical delayed claim attorney, call us at 215.399.0089.