Assertive Electrocution Injury Attorneys in Philadelphia, Allentown, PA

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Although electricians and overhead line workers for utility companies may be more at risk of electrocution injuries from live electricity, shocks, and electrical burns than people who work in other industries, all types of machinery and equipment are run with electricity and carry some risk. Most adult electrocution accidents occur in the workplace, which makes them a common accident that involves workers compensation benefits. 

Electrocution injury attorney Gregory Boles offers assistance to people who need help filing for workers comp in Philadelphia, Allentown, and the wider PA area after experiencing an electric shock or burn from industries as diverse as construction, healthcare, or residential electrical work.

Don’t be the one shouldering the burden

In the realm of workplace accidents, electrical burns usually affect the more extensive surface area and damage the tissues underneath the skin as well. Any moderate to severe electrical shock can affect the nerve endings in the part of the body that receives the contact. As your heart operates with electrical impulses, any severe jolt of electricity can cause cardiac arrest. This requires immediate medical attention and may sometimes result in death.

Unlike a standard fire that only heats from the outside in, a bolt of electricity travels through the body quite easily. It can burn the skin and everything underneath it, which may cause considerable damage. If the damage is extensive, the electrocution injury may result in permanent disability. For instance, traumatic brain injuries may cause many complications, both physical and psychiatric. Don’t get disheartened by aggressive insurance company tactics, call our electrocution accident lawyers in Allentown and Philadelphia and stand up for what you deserve.

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An expert like Gregory Boles can alleviate much of the stress by taking over the documentation and casework for you. In order to get maximum compensation for all medical treatment and lost wages, make sure you record all expenses, payments, experiences, and medical appointments related to your electrocution accident. The more records you have that reveal the whole truth about the incident at work and the results of it, the greater your chance of having your claims accepted by the Workers Compensation Bureau.