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Electrocutions or Serious Shocks Get Workers Comp Benefits

Although electricians and overhead line workers for utility companies may be more at risk of electrocutions, shocks, and electrical burns than people who work in other industries, all types of machinery and equipment are run with electricity and carry some risk. Most adult electrocutions occur in their workplaces, which makes them a common injury that involves workers compensation benefits.

Attorney Gregory Boles offers assistance to people who need help filing for workers comp in Pennsylvania after experiencing an electrocution, shock, or burn from industries as diverse as construction, healthcare, or residential electrical work.

Injuries Sustained by Electricity

Many factors work together to determine how serious and electrical injury is. These include voltage, current types, length of time exposed to the electricity, and more. The most common types of injuries associated with shocks include the following.

Electrical Burns – Almost anyone who has experienced an electrical shock has received a burn from the contact. This could be as simple as a patch of reddened skin. However, in the realm of workplace accidents, electrical burns usually affect more extensive surface area and damage to the tissues underneath the skin as well.

Heart Attacks – As your heart operates with electrical impulses, any severe jolt of electricity can cause cardiac arrest. It has the opposite effect of the parts stimulation paddles you may have seen doctors in a movie use on a patient. This requires immediate medical attention and may sometimes result in death.

Nerve Damage – Any moderate to severe electrical shock can affect the nerve endings in the part of the body that receive the contact. This may cause short or long-term numbness, tingling, inability to properly control the body part, and pain.

Damage to Internal Organs – Other organs besides the heart may be negatively affected by a severe electric shock. This is caused by burning internally. Unlike a standard fire that only heats from the outside in, a bolt of electricity travels through the body quite easily. It can burn skin and everything underneath it, which may cause considerable damage.

Traumatic Brain Injuries – As the brain is essentially a bundle of nerves, and electrical shock can affect its function considerably. Traumatic brain injuries may cause many complications both physical and psychiatric. If the damage is extensive, the electrocution may result in permanent disability.

First Steps After an Electrocution at Work

As with any other severe injury that takes place on the job, the most important thing to do is seek emergency medical care. Anyone who has been shocked should be taken to the emergency room even if they initially appear to be okay. This is not only beneficial for their health, but essential to start the document trail appropriate for the Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Act rules.

After getting initial treatment, make sure you inform your employer of the incident within 120 days of it occurring. In order to receive immediate benefits, tell them about the accident within 21 days instead. Despite all the emotional distress and multi-you and your family may experience in these first days it makes sense to contact a workers compensation attorney as soon as possible. An expert like Gregory Boles can alleviate much of the stress by taking over of the documentation and casework for you.

In order to get maximum compensation for all medical treatment and lost wages, make sure you record all expenses, payments, experiences, and medical appointments related to your electrical accident. The more records you have that reveal the whole truth about the incident at work and the results of it, the greater your chance of having your claims accepted by the Workers Compensation Bureau.

What Will Workers Compensation Cover?

When it comes to severe electric shock accidents, the amount of benefits you receive will depend on how long you are out of work and the severity of your medical condition afterward. With an experienced and dedicated attorney on your side, you have a much higher chance of receiving the following benefits from the workers comp insurance fund.

  • Money to cover medical appointments, ongoing treatment, surgery, medications, and necessary equipment
  • Temporary or permanent disability payments or wage loss benefits
  • Specific loss benefits in case of amputation, disfigurement, or sensory loss
  • Vocational rehabilitation training to help you return to work or secure a new position
  • Death benefits for dependent family members and spouse in the case of a fatal electrocution accident

The Possibility of Third-party Lawsuits

The workers compensation system in Pennsylvania places no-fault on the employer or employee when it comes to any type of injury or receiving benefits. However, if someone else was responsible for the electrocution or shock damages, the negligence or specific actions of that third-party may warrant a personal injury claim or lawsuit. For example, if an equipment manufacturer supplied defective equipment, your attorney may be able to make a third-party case to hold them responsible for additional payments for necessary bills and things like pain and suffering.

Claim Benefits Under Electrocution Injuries Workers Compensation in Philadelphia

Liberty Bell Workers Compensation enables employees who’ve suffered electrocution at work to file a workers compensation claim and get the benefits under the relevant law in Philly. With our legal team by your side, you will be able to go through this entire process with less stress and hassle.

Additionally, we can provide you with legal advice on filing electrocution accident workers compensation claims and suggest a course of action that can lead to the desired outcome. Our attorneys are highly knowledgeable and experienced in these types of legal matters, so don’t hesitate to reach out.