Experienced Motorcycle & Auto Accidents Lawyers in Allentown & Philadelphia, PA

We’re ready to protect your rights with unyielding fervor

Roadside incidents are notorious for their potential to inflict life-changing injuries in a matter of seconds. Even if the resulting health issues aren’t severe, which is seldom the case, they often leave permanent scars. Unfortunately, focusing solely on recovery is nigh impossible when you have to combat the Pennsylvania legal system to ensure a reasonable degree of financial stability.

Liberty Bell is here to ensure you won’t have to fight that battle alone or at all. Our roster comprises some of the most experienced and diligent motorcycle and auto accident attorneys in Philadelphia and Allentown, each ready to don the mantle of the legal protector and fiercely advocate for your rights, from start to finish.

Our experience ensures a stress-free work comp process

Without an adept attorney, motorcycle or auto accident claims have a tendency to explode into a storm of legal complexities, insurance companies’ traps, and all sorts of potential pitfalls. These cases require a finely tuned set of skills, intimate knowledge of the workers’ compensation laws, and a hefty dose of experience.

After 20+ years topping the Pennsylvania legal scene, each auto and motorcycle accidents lawyer from our Philadelphia and Allentown branches more than fulfills the above criteria. Combined with our unwavering commitment to see justice served and our clients satisfied, it is easy to see why we remain the top attorneys in the entire region.

Maximum settlement value – no compromises

Despite our stellar track record and numerous accolades we earned on our journey, our mission remains a simple one: to ensure you receive the compensation and care you rightfully deserve. Still, we wouldn’t be the preferred motorcycle and auto accident attorneys from Allentown to Philadelphia if we didn’t take it a step further.

Regardless of the complexities of the case or the time and energy we need to invest into pursuing its resolution, we always advocate for our clients to receive the maximum benefits for their specific circumstances. With us in your corner, you can rest assured that you will always be getting – more!