Bone Fractures Workers Compensation Attorneys in Philadelphia

Workers Compensation for Broken Bones and Fractures

Acute injuries like broken bones and fractures occur in the blink of an eye at work. Whether you fell off a ladder, were struck by a heavy object, or were injured with a piece of machinery or a power tool, you can tell that the break occurred the moment it happened. These are some of the easiest injuries to prove are specifically work-related. You require immediate medical attention and an experienced attorney like Gregory Boles to handle your workers compensation claim.

While a broken bone may happen anywhere, certain industries include higher degrees of risk for these types of acute and severe damages. They include all types of construction and building work, anyone who drives for a living, those who work with heavy machinery or equipment, warehouse staff, and people who work in restaurants and commercial kitchens.

Severity of Broken Bones

As with any injury, some broken bones are not as bad as others. However, they all need immediate medical attention, enough time to rest and recuperate before going back to work, and follow-up appointments to make sure everything is healing properly and to remove castes or provide ethical rehabilitation services.

From a medical perspective, there are different types of fractures. Of course, the severity also depends on bone is broken. For example, breaking your toe will probably not affect your ability to work for long while fracturing your femur is quite a serious medical problem.

  • Closed fractures do not break the skin
  • Open fractures involve breaks in the skin
  • Compound fractures indicate the bone damaged an internal organ
  • Comminuted fractures involve multiple breaks
  • Depressed fracture means the skull was pushed inward
  • Greenstick fracture includes a break and bend of the bone
  • Fissures involve bones that split but do not separate
  • Stress fractures create short cracks in the bone material 

Most broken bones are caused by some type of trauma. This can involve something heavy falling on a limb, having part of the body caught between two vehicles or pieces of equipment, being run over by something, getting involved in a car crash, slipping and falling on wet or slick floors, or through repetitive stress that results in painful yet non-debilitating stress fractures.

The Need for Ongoing Medical Treatment

All broken bones need some sort of support to help them stay in place and get better. These can be as simple as a brace, longer lasting like a solid cast, traction or immobilization in a hospital setting, or even surgeries and involves metal pins or cages around the affected body part.

After a severe break heals, you will undoubtedly need a period of rehabilitation or physical therapy to regain full use and strength of the affected part. This is especially true for arms and legs which we can and atrophy quite quickly when you cannot use them. The medical treatment and necessary time off work makes workers compensation benefits very important to an individual who does not want their life disrupted or their finances ruined by one workplace accident.

Not only does Pennsylvania workers compensation provide financial coverage of medical treatment and more, but you may be eligible for temporary or permanent disability if the injury is quite severe. In order to make these determinations, you need the help of an excellent workers comp attorney like Gregory Boles.

File a Broken Bones Workers Compensation Claim in PA With a Trusted Attorney by Your Side

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