What to do if you’re injured at Work

What to do if you’re injured at Work

You suffered an injury while on the job and now, you aren’t sure what to do or whom you can trust. At the Workers Compensation Injury Attorneys, we understand what you’re going through and are here to help injured workers get full benefits for the expenses related to a work injury. After being injured in a workplace accident or suffering an illness caused by your work environment, we recommend you:

See a doctor immediately
Get medical attention as soon as possible after sustaining your injury. If you have not had your injury looked at, make an appointment to see your doctor immediately or go to the local emergency room. Your health and potential claim may hinge on your decision to seek medical care.

Tell your employer you were injured
Per law, you have 120 days to tell your employer you got hurt on the job, but the experienced work injury attorneys we work with recommend you report your injury as soon as it happens. Please keep in mind, if you wait to tell your employer about the injury after the 120 days has passed, you may not be allowed to file a work comp claim.

Contact Philadelphia Workers Compensation Lawyers Group now
The workers’ compensation system can be a maze of paperwork and unfamiliar procedures. And, insurance companies looking to pay you as little as possible can be anything but pleasant to work with. Let our joint marketing group connect you with an experienced work injury lawyer. Hiring a competent work injury attorney can mean the difference of getting maximum benefits or not getting any benefits.

Types of Work Comp Benefits

What benefits are covered by workers’ compensation? Work comp benefits are usually limited to medical costs and compensation for lost wages (from not being able to work). In cases where an employee has suffered a severe injury like a spinal cord injury, the employee may be given total or partial disability benefits. Lump sum settlements may also be given in cases involving severe, catastrophic injury.

To learn what types of benefits you may be entitled to, speak to an ethical work injury lawyer right away. After hearing your story, they can quickly tell you what benefits you may be able to recover by filing a work comp claim. A professional work injury attorney can also tell you what steps must be taken to get much needed benefits.

No Win, No Fee, Guarantee

Nothing is more important than your health and a caring work injury attorney can make sure you receive the best medical care throughout the claims process and beyond. To arrange a free case review with a talented work comp lawyer, please call 215.399.0089. A friendly staff member at the Workers Compensation Injury Attorneys will return your call promptly and refer you to a dedicated work comp attorney in the area. Our service is free and there is no pressure to hire the attorney we refer you to. Every case is represented on a no win, no fee guarantee.