Cuts & Lacerations Injury Workers Compensation in Philadelphia

Severe Cuts and Laceration Claims for Workers Comp in PA

No matter where you work or what type of job you do, there is always the risk of getting a cut or laceration on any part of your body. When these are severe, you need emergency medical treatment and ongoing help to overcome the physical pain and damage. When this type of accident makes it impossible to return to work immediately, it makes sense to contact Liberty Bell Workers Compensation law firm and get help filing a claim for medical and lost wage benefits in Pennsylvania.

Cuts and Lacerations Explained

The definition of these two terms depends on the severity and depth of the cut. A cut is usually smaller, shallower, and may not require any advanced medical treatment such as stitches or surgery. Lacerations is the term used for severe cuts that do require these things. Either can be caused by any type of sharp item such as tool, knife, broken glass, shard of metal, etc.

OSHA statistics put cuts and lacerations at around 10 percent of all workplace injuries. They do not specify how severe these injuries are for their data analysis. Although many of these may be caused by user error such as stop paying attention close enough when dealing with glass or using a knife in the kitchen, it does not matter who is at fault in order to claim workers compensation in Pennsylvania. The federal and state rules about the entire workers compensation system equated to a type of no-fault insurance for both workers and employees.

Excessively severe lacerations that require more extensive medical treatment and potentially surgery can not only damage the skin and musculature may also sever tendons, cut into organs, or even affect bones. Infection is always a risk if the cut was caused by something dirty, the wound was not kept antiseptic enough afterward, or if it was not treated properly in a medical setting as soon as possible.

In some cases, a laceration may disfigure a worker or necessitate an amputation of a digit or limb. In these cases, the specific loss benefits added on to regular workers compensation benefits can provide more financial help for individuals and families with more severe medical bills and a loss of income for a longer period of time.

Workers Compensation Benefits Process

If a workplace incident results in a severe cut or laceration, you need to seek immediate medical attention. This helps prevent infection and allows the healing process to begin in the appropriate way. It is important to ask the doctor if there are serious complications that can affect your ability to go back to work in the future.

Remember that notification of the accident and injury must occur within 120 days in Pennsylvania in order for you to be eligible for workers comp benefits. Although you may have to visit a physician on your employer’s insurance company’s list, you are allowed to get other treatment that is necessary for complete healing. Also, if you must miss more than seven days of work, you will also receive a percentage of your wage paid regularly or in one lump sum.

The next steps include informing your employer about the accident that caused the cut and then contacting a qualified workers comp attorney like Gregory Boles in Pennsylvania. For 35 years, he has helped workers in this great state recover financially from a wide variety of injuries and accidents sustained while working for their employers. You are entitled to benefits that help you pay for appropriate medical treatment, ongoing healthcare, and compensate you for lost wages while you recover from the pain and damage of a serious cut or laceration.

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