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While they tend to be more common in certain professions than others, no matter where you work or what type of job you do, there is always the risk of getting a cut or laceration on any part of your body. Along with slips and falls, these are the most common workplace traumas that workers in Allentown and Philadelphia have to face. Their severity can vary from mild cuts that heal in a few days and serious lacerations that cut deep and can cause numerous complications, especially for older people or those with pre-existing issues like diabetes. 

When lacerations are severe, you’ll need emergency medical treatment and ongoing help to overcome the physical pain and damage. When this type of accident makes it impossible to return to work immediately, it makes sense to contact a reputable and fearless cuts and lacerations lawyer to get some help in navigating an intricate work comp system in Pennsylvania and file a watertight claim for medical and lost wage benefits.

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The problem with this type of trauma is that people tend to minimize their seriousness either through fear of losing days from work in Philadelphia or Allentown or because they don’t have the appropriate lacerations and cuts attorney to offer sound advice. Since they both point to the same type of problem, the precise definition of these two terms depends on the severity and depth of the cut. A cut is usually smaller, shallower, and may not require any advanced medical treatment such as. Lacerations is the term used for severe cuts that require stitches, surgery, or an aftercare program. Either can be caused by any type of sharp item such as a tool, knife, broken glass, shard of metal, various pieces of machinery, etc.

In case you’ve suffered an excessively severe laceration, get in touch with our cuts and lacerations lawyers immediately because it may necessitate extensive medical treatment and potentially surgery. In addition to potential damage to the skin and musculature, you may have severed your tendons, cut into organs, or even affected the bones. Infection is always a risk if the cut was caused by something dirty, the wound was not kept antiseptic enough afterward, or if it was not treated properly in a medical setting as soon as possible.

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Here at Liberty Bell Workers Compensation, our skilled cuts and lacerations attorneys are more than willing to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits and take the reins in your pursuit of justice. Our experienced legal representatives will take measures to analyze your situation, suggest the best course of action, and then steadily erect your case from the ground up.