Filing a Claim

Work Injury Attorney in Philadelphia

If you’ve ever attempted to file a workers’ compensation claim through the state’s automated system or through the mail, you know it can be a confusing maze of forms and special instructions. On the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry website, you will find a long list of oftentimes perplexing instructions on how to file claim paperwork through the Workers’ Compensation Automation and Integration System (WCAIS) or by paper. For a system that was designed to help those injured while on the job, the complicated filing process can make it seem as if help is out of reach.

Work Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia

Feeling confused and unsure of what you need to do to get the claims process started? The skilled work injury attorneys at the Workers Compensation Injury Attorneys can sympathize with you and know how hard it can be to deal with the work comp system when you’re not feeling well physically. Don’t let your feelings of confusion and uncertainty stop you from contacting a competent work injury lawyer participating in our joint marketing program. One call to our office can relieve you of the stress of dealing with the claims process and prevent you from being denied benefits.

Work Injury Attorneys in Philadelphia

Filing a work comp claim doesn’t have to be complicated. Look to a dedicated work comp attorney at the Workers Compensation Injury Attorneys to handle every aspect of your claim from start to finish. No matter what type of injury you’re suffering from, they will meticulously prepare all claim paperwork, and work with your employer and their insurance carrier to come to a reasonable settlement.

With a trusted work comp lawyer in our group by your side, all you will have to do is:

  • Get proper medical attention
  • Tell your supervisor about the injury
  • Focus on your recovery (if a full recovery is possible)

Work Injury Lawyers in Philadelphia

Did you know you only have a certain amount of time to report your injury? Typically, you have 120 days from the date the injury occurred or the date the injury was discovered to report the injury to your employer. Failing to report your injury within the 120-day window of time could cost you compensation. At the Workers Compensation Injury Attorneys, the knowledgeable work injury attorney’s who participate in our joint marketing program, recommend you report the injury to your employer or supervisor as soon as possible. You will not be penalized for reporting the injury too early, however, you could be penalized for reporting the injury too late.

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As a worker injured on the job, you may be able to obtain money for different types of damages, such as disfigurement, lost income, job displacement, disability, and medical bills. Contact an aggressive work injury lawyer at the Workers Compensation Injury Attorneys right now by calling 215.399.0089. When you call, we’ll get to work right away to ensure you get the most compensation possible. Consultations are free and every case is taken on a no recovery, no fee basis.