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Work Injury Lawyers in Philadelphia

Work injuries are never expected, but when an injury does happen, it can turn an employee’s life upside down. Physically painful injuries can cause emotional and financial distress. Stressed, confused, and overwhelmed, many workers rush to settle a claim with an insurance company. Our dedicated staff at Liberty Bell Workers Compensation is contacted daily by workers who unfortunately realized too late, the importance of securing experienced legal representation.

How to Find the Best PA Workers Compensation Attorney

After being injured on the job, you are probably overwhelmed with taking care of your medical needs, stress over lost work and wages, and a host of other complications. The most important thing you can do at this time is find an excellent Pennsylvania attorney who specializes in workers compensation law. First, understand that the PA government has put rules into place that allows you to collect money for your medical bills and other expenses. The process to get it, however, is not always straightforward. This necessitates hiring an attorney like Gregory Boles to represent you.

Qualifications for an Excellent Workers Comp Attorney

If you want your claim to go as smoothly as possible, ensure you choose the right representation from the start. If you know someone who has filed a workers compensation claim in PA successfully in the past, you might like to ask them for a referral to their attorney. Other options include online searches and review sites and recommendations from the Pennsylvania Bar Association.

Choosing the Best Attorney for You

Qualifications obviously matter when choosing an attorney to help after you were injured at work. Also, testimonials from former clients can help sway your decision. However, you really should not make a final choice until you meet the attorney at your initial consultation. In such a high-stress situation as a work-related injury or illness, you need a person you can trust and feel comfortable with for the entire claims process.

Ensure that you can communicate effectively with the attorney, that they take the time to explain everything so you can understand and ensure that you feel a sense of trust and comfort with them. Remember that an attorney exists to represent and guide you. Different clients need different levels of hands-on help, so it is important that you can ask questions and share information openly.

Philadelphia Workers Compensation Injury Attorneys

When an injury happens at work, the state’s workers’ compensation system can be a source of financial assistance for suffering workers. However, the work comp system can be difficult to navigate without qualified legal help. As simple as it may seem to file a claim and get help for injury costs, it’s not always that clear cut. A rise in workers’ compensation fraud and for profit insurance carriers has made it challenging for suffering employees to get the help they need.

Liberty Bell Workers Compensation is here to help make a difference in the lives of injured employees. Our entire staff are advocates of those harmed through no fault of their own and make it their mission to see workers fairly awarded benefits for injury damages. Hiring a knowledgeable work comp attorney in Philadelphia can be the difference of getting no benefits or not the proper benefits entitled to you under Pennsylvania workers compensation laws.

Work Injury Attorney in Philadelphia

You deserve maximum benefits for your back injury, neck injury, spinal cord injury, shoulder injury, hand injury, foot injury, or any other type of workplace injury. Talk to a professional work injury professional at Liberty Bell Workers Compensation as soon as possible to ensure your case is not denied or delayed.

Per law, you only have a short window of time to report your injury and begin the claims process. Failure to act within the time permitted can result in a claim denial. Don’t let one more day pass by without taking action! Call our law group now to discuss your potential case.

Work Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia

Sadly, many workplace-related injuries result in death. When a tragic workplace-related death occurs, the deceased’s surviving family members can file a workers’ compensation claim to collect specific types of benefits. When attempting to file a claim to collect death benefits, it’s highly recommended family members retain the services of a caring work comp lawyer at Liberty Bell Workers Compensation. Our caring staff is sympathetic to the emotional and financial needs of suffering family members, and we approach each case with compassion. Let Liberty Bell Workers Compensation focus on getting you the benefits you deserve, so you can focus on putting the pieces of your life back together.

Philadelphia Work Injury Attorneys

If you did not give the insurance company a recorded statement or did not sign a document provided by them, you may have received a notice stating the insurance company is denying or delaying your claim. It can be a difficult situation for workers in much need of help.

Although it may seem like no one is looking out for your best interests, the helpful staff at Liberty Workers Compensation will fight for your legal rights. From the minute you contact us, we will take over all dealings with the insurance company. If you must talk to an insurance representative, we will be right by your side guiding you through the proceedings. Why worry about your future when a talented work comp attorney in our office can put you on the path towards a brighter future?

Philadelphia Work Injury Lawyers

You’re hurting and are not quite sure what must be done to get benefits. Here’s a simple list of what should be done immediately after being injured:

  • Don’t wait to see a doctor – your well being and the outcome of your work comp claim can be affected by the initial doctor visit
  • Follow the doctor’s orders – it’s imperative you go to every follow up appointment and follow any directions the doctor has given you
  • Don’t throw away paperwork – keep any paperwork your doctor, the insurance company or your employer has given you and make copies of any paperwork you send
  • Tell your supervisor about the injury – state law requires injured employees to report an injury no later than 120 days from the date the injury happened, but within 21 days of the injury occurring. Simply put, the sooner you inform your employer, the better
  • Discuss your situation with an attorney – Hiring experienced legal representation can prevent your claim from being denied or delayed and significantly increase the benefits amount awarded
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Pennsylvania Workers Compensation

All of the conflicts that arise when you are injured at work can seriously impact your career, finances, and hope for the future. These incidences may cause more than physical complications. You feel anxiety about how it will affect everything from paying next month’s bills to retirement planning. Figuring out your options is an important step to getting back on your feet.

With the help of a Pennsylvania workers compensation attorney, you can learn everything you need to know about the type of coverage compensation you can get after an accident or injury you sustained while working. For more than 35 years, the Liberty Bell Workers Compensation firm stood up for the rights of employees from many different industries. We offer help for everyone who has been injured at work across the great state of Pennsylvania.

What Does a Workers Compensation Attorney Do for You?

No matter what type of injury you sustain at work, you need more than some time off to help you recuperate and return to your job if possible. With the help of an experienced workers compensation attorney, you will be able to receive the type of medical treatment you need, ongoing help for health-related issues, and even compensation for lost wages.

In order to make the process as smooth and successful as possible, you must follow a precise set of steps. As you focus on taking care of your health and healing after the incident, a skilled lawyer can handle everything else. Gregory Boles can assist with:

  • Filing the workers compensation claim correctly
  • Providing sufficient documentation to outline the cause of your injuries
  • Organizing medical information to back up your workers compensation claim
  • Communicating with insurance companies to alleviate your stress
  • Researching all possible compensation types you may receive
  • Filing an appropriate appeal if your compensation is denied
  • Handling any third-party lawsuits or claims appropriate to your particular case

Any on-the-job injury involves not only pain and health concerns but also a high degree of worry and potential emotional trauma. You should be able to focus on healing and self-care while your workers comp attorney handles everything else.

Do not delay when contacting a qualified attorney like Gregory Boles. If you do not file the workers compensation paperwork as soon as possible, your employer’s insurance company may attempt to pressure you into taking a settlement. According to the laws of Pennsylvania, you are probably due more than they will offer. Your best bet is to speak with an experienced and highly knowledgeable law firm that regularly handles PA workers compensation cases. We will work hard to determine what you truly need and go after all of it.

Philadelphia Workers Compensation Attorney

At a time when most hurt employees are not working, litigation costs can only compound financial burdens.  Liberty Bell Workers Compensation charges no upfront fees, so you pay no fees unless we win your case. Although unlikely, if we don’t win your case, we will absorb the litigations costs and you pay nothing, ever.

Liberty Bell Workers Compensation Handles It All

After 35 years of experience with Pennsylvania law specifically related to workers compensation, the firm has accumulated the knowledge and expertise required to protect your rights. In Philadelphia and all across this wonderful state, we have worked tirelessly to ensure that every type of worker is protected as the law states. It does not matter what industry you work for or what type of position you fill. The past client lists include:

  • Construction and other heavy industry workers
  • Farmers and agricultural specialists
  • Doctors, nurses, and other medical staff
  • Trade workers in utilities or service industries
  • Maintenance, custodial, and repair workers
  • HAZMAT experts and first responders
  • Office staff, teachers, and other white-collar jobs
  • Truckers and transportation providers

Even if you do not see your industry or type of job on this list, rest assured that we have the skills necessary to handle your workers compensation case. Our track record for successful representation spans decades, and we are ready to take on your claim and work tirelessly for the most positive outcome possible.

Sustaining any type of injury on the job may immediately transform your entire life. It causes high degree of stress at a time when you should focus on medical care and healing. That is where an exceptional and caring workers compensation attorney steps in. Workers compensation laws exist to protect you both medically and financially in the case of an accident or incident while you are working. As long as exists that the problem was caused by your job directly, you can file for medical care costs and potentially other compensation.

Doing this alone frequently results in denials of claims. When you put your trust in a workers comp attorney with the skills and knowledge to handle everything, you have a much higher chance of getting everything you deserve. At Liberty Bell Workers Compensation, you get exactly that.

Get Legal Help for Range of Industries

The entire PA workers compensation system was put into place to protect employees and their families from the financial hardships that come with injuries and illnesses sustained at work. It does not matter what type of job title you had, how many hours you worked, or what industry you provided services for. In Pennsylvania, you are covered by the workers comp insurance program as long as you are a legal employee.

While all industries are covered by workers compensation, there are several that include a higher chance of injury than others. Attorney Gregory Boles has experienced standing up for the rights of workers from any of them. In the past 35 years of his work in Pennsylvania, he has handled these types of claim cases for a wide variety of workplace accidents. Some of the industries covered include:

  • Transportation – airport, local railroad, truck and delivery drivers
  • Heavy industry – construction, miners, contractors, utility workers
  • Industrial – Factory and warehouse workers, hazmat, sanitation
  • Service industries – plumbing, electrical, welders, union workers
  • Agricultural workers and farmers
  • Healthcare professionals, doctors, nurses, home health aides
  • First responders, firefighters, police officers, EMTs

These represent just a small collection of the potential job descriptions covered by the PA workers compensation rules. If you are injured as a part-time retail employee, you are as deserving of benefits as a crane operator working long hours to build a new hospital for the city. Injuries and illnesses covered may be as severe as an amputation, chemical burn, or sensory loss, or as relatively simple as repetitive neck strain or a broken wrist.

The goal of the Liberty Bell Workers Compensation law firm is to provide support and information for every PA worker who sustained an injury or developed an illness while working. The matter how straightforward or complex situation seems, you do not need to go through it on your own. With the help of the experienced attorney who specializes in workers comp cases, you have a strong ally on your side every step of the way.

Philadelphia Work Injury Lawyer

Call today 215.399.0089 and a helpful staff member will give you a free initial consultation. As mentioned above, you won’t have to pay any legal fees until we win your.

Call now to discuss your work injury case with a talented work injury lawyer at Liberty Bell Workers Compensation. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can work on getting you the medical treatment and financial settlement you need and deserve.

The History of Pennsylvania’s Workers Compensation Laws 

Throughout the history of the United States, workers’ rights laws have always been a hot button topic from the time of the industrial revolution on. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, federal government and state governments have made many changes pertaining to how employees are treated and taken care of across all industries. Workers demanded change and benefits that would protect them from things outside their control like accidents, injuries, and poor working conditions.

Today, protecting the rights of employees frequently comes down to the actions of qualified and experienced attorneys who work one-on-one with the people who make Pennsylvania such a great and prosperous state. Liberty Bell Workers Compensation law firm is proud to be a part of standing up for employee rights.

PA Employees Deserve Help

Every worker in Pennsylvania deserves certain rights under the law. This became increasingly obvious around the time of the industrial revolution when workplace injuries and illnesses were much more common than they are today. Back then, dangerous working conditions were expected more often than not. Fortunately, the powers that be recognized these issues and worked to do something about them. One of the ways that the state help protect employees was through the adoption of workers compensation laws and insurance.

The Early Days of Workers Compensation

On June 2, 1915, the state and acted the Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Act. This began the idea for workers comp for every business that employees people in the state to pay out money to the worker for lost wages and medical care in case of an injury or illness on the job. This also created the State Workers Insurance Fund, which handled all of the benefit payouts. Although this was recommended at the time, it only became required in the 1970s. When the 1990s rolled around, Pennsylvania opened the option for employers to seek out their own insurance coverage for workers compensation payouts instead of using the SWIF.

More Recent Changes

In a continued effort to protect the rights of Pennsylvania workers, Governor Tom Ridge added Act 57 to the law books in June 1996. This allowed for lump sum payouts instead of ongoing benefit payments. It also added the requirement for seeing an employer insurance company physician, reconfigured payout percentages for lost wages, and limited temporary disability payments. Although many consider this to take away some of the benefits that employees received under the former workers compensation system, they are nevertheless law and affect all injured and ill workers who file claims.