Philadelphia Workers Compensation Injury Attorneys

Philadelphia Workers Compensation Injury Attorneys

When an injury happens at work, the state’s workers’ compensation system can be a source of financial assistance for suffering workers. However, the work comp system can be difficult to navigate without qualified legal help. As simple as it may seem to file a claim and get help for injury costs, it’s not always that clear cut. A rise in workers’ compensation fraud and for profit insurance carriers has made it challenging for suffering employees to get the help they need.

Liberty Bell Workers Compensation is here to help make a difference in the lives of injured employees. Our entire staff are advocates of those harmed through no fault of their own and make it their mission to see workers fairly awarded benefits for injury damages. Hiring a knowledgeable work comp attorney in Philadelphia can be the difference of getting no benefits or not the proper benefits entitled to you under Pennsylvania workers compensation laws.

Work Injury Lawyers in Philadelphia

Work injuries are never expected, but when an injury does happen, it can turn an employee’s life upside down. Physically painful injuries can cause emotional and financial distress. Stressed, confused, and overwhelmed, many workers rush to settle a claim with an insurance company. Our dedicated staff at Liberty Bell Workers Compensation is contacted daily by workers who unfortunately realized too late, the importance of securing experienced legal representation.

Work Injury Attorney in Philadelphia

You deserve maximum benefits for your back injury, neck injury, spinal cord injury, shoulder injury, hand injury, foot injury, or any other type of workplace injury. Talk to a professional work injury professional at Liberty Bell Workers Compensation as soon as possible to ensure your case is not denied or delayed.

Per law, you only have a short window of time to report your injury and begin the claims process. Failure to act within the time permitted can result in a claim denial. Don’t let one more day pass by without taking action! Call our law group now to discuss your potential case.

Work Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia

Sadly, many workplace-related injuries result in death. When a tragic workplace-related death occurs, the deceased’s surviving family members can file a workers’ compensation claim to collect specific types of benefits. When attempting to file a claim to collect death benefits, it’s highly recommended family members retain the services of a caring work comp lawyer at Liberty Bell Workers Compensation. Our caring staff is sympathetic to the emotional and financial needs of suffering family members, and we approach each case with compassion. Let Liberty Bell Workers Compensation focus on getting you the benefits you deserve, so you can focus on putting the pieces of your life back together.

Philadelphia Work Injury Attorneys

If you did not give the insurance company a recorded statement or did not sign a document provided by them, you may have received a notice stating the insurance company is denying or delaying your claim. It can be a difficult situation for workers in much need of help.

Although it may seem like no one is looking out for your best interests, the helpful staff at Liberty Workers Compensation will fight for your legal rights. From the minute you contact us, we will take over all dealings with the insurance company. If you must talk to an insurance representative, we will be right by your side guiding you through the proceedings. Why worry about your future when a talented work comp attorney in our office can put you on the path towards a brighter future?

Philadelphia Work Injury Lawyers

You’re hurting and are not quite sure what must be done to get benefits. Here’s a simple list of what should be done immediately after being injured:

  • Don’t wait to see a doctor – your well being and the outcome of your work comp claim can be affected by the initial doctor visit
  • Follow the doctor’s orders – it’s imperative you go to every follow up appointment and follow any directions the doctor has given you
  • Don’t throw away paperwork – keep any paperwork your doctor, the insurance company or your employer has given you and make copies of any paperwork you send
  • Tell your supervisor about the injury – state law requires injured employees to report an injury no later than 120 days from the date the injury happened, but within 21 days of the injury occurring. Simply put, the sooner you inform your employer, the better
  • Discuss your situation with an attorney – Hiring experienced legal representation can prevent your claim from being denied or delayed and significantly increase the benefits amount awarded

Philadelphia Workers Compensation Attorney

At a time when most hurt employees are not working, litigation costs can only compound financial burdens.  Liberty Bell Workers Compensation charges no upfront fees, so you pay no fees unless we win your case. Although unlikely, if we don’t win your case, we will absorb the litigations costs and you pay nothing, ever.

Philadelphia Work Injury Lawyer

Call today 215.399.0089 and a helpful staff member will give you a free initial consultation. As mentioned above, you won’t have to pay any legal fees until we win your.

Call now to discuss your work injury case with a talented work injury lawyer at Liberty Bell Workers Compensation. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can work on getting you the medical treatment and financial settlement you need and deserve.