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Carpal tunnel syndrome & other repetitive stress injuries

Many jobs require repetitive motion of typing on a keyboard and operating a mouse or trackpad for many hours each day. These modern workplace problems can lead to a very common complaint called carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). While some dismiss it as simply a sore wrist, our carpal tunnel injury attorneys in Philadelphia and Allentown know that this medical issue can lead to serious side effects that can last for a lifetime.

If your job has caused you to develop this highly uncomfortable and painful condition, you might be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits if you file a claim with the help of the carpal tunnel injury lawyer at Liberty Bell Workers Compensation in Pennsylvania.

What is a carpal tunnel injury?

This syndrome derives its name from the part of your wrist called the carpal tunnel, which runs near your palm and protects the nerves that make your hand function. When you develop CTS from the repetitive stress of using a computer or other similar activity, that nerve gets compressed and doesn’t function as intended. 

The earliest symptoms of carpal tunnel injury include wrist or hand pain, mild numbness in your fingers, or a slight tingling sensation. In the beginning, this might go away when you move your hand or stretch your wrist. There are wrist braces and supports to help with CTS as well as recommended stretches and exercises you can try. However, some people in Allentown, Philadelphia, and beyond who suffer from this repetitive stress injury end up needing surgery to alleviate the issue.

Carpal tunnel injury lawyers in Philadelphia & Allenstown can help you get the benefits you need

Conditions related to repetitive stress, like carpal tunnel injury, are becoming more and more common in the workplace. Now more than ever, employees can be found sitting at a desk typing away on a computer for the majority of their work day. An employee who types on a keyboard or clicks on a mouse is repeating the same motion over and over with their wrist and hand. When overused, the nerves and tendons running through the carpal tunnel become irritated and compressed.

Although typing and using a mouse are considered some of the leading causes of carpal tunnel syndrome, you can also get it by continuously using vibrating machinery or tools, doing repetitive assembly line work, or even as a result of traumatic damage like a broken wrist, for example. Employees who use a cash register or use a pushing, slicing, or pressing action to perform their job may also find themselves suffering from CTS. Symptoms typically develop over time and can include numbness, tingling, pain, and weakness.

What can a carpal tunnel syndrome attorney do for you

If your carpal tunnel syndrome is related to work, it’s essential that you understand how the state’s workers’ compensation system works. Through the workers’ compensation system and help from an experienced carpal tunnel injury lawyer in Philadelphia or Allentown, you may be able to secure benefits for a variety of injury-related damages, such as:

  • Surgery, doctor visits, and physical therapy.
  • Partial disability.
  • Job retraining.

Turn to the best carpal tunnel syndrome lawyer in Allentown & Philadelphia

When looking to obtain benefits for a repetitive stress injury, look to a dedicated carpal tunnel injury lawyer at Liberty Bell. You might find that the insurance company will put up a few arguments before providing you benefits for this type of injury. When validating claims related to repetitive stress injuries, it’s not uncommon for insurance companies to argue if the injury was work-related. Unfortunately, the burden of proof falls on the employee.

The assertive carpal tunnel injury attorneys at Liberty Bell Workers Compensation collaborate with the best in the fields of medicine and investigation and, together with these individuals, can help you prove your injury was related to the work you perform. They will use every resource they have to get you maximum benefits.

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