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Burned on the Job? Get Legal Help for Workers Comp Claims

Burns are some of the most potentially debilitating and painful types of injuries that you can sustain at work. When researching statistics at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), you can see that several thousand employees across the United States are severely burned at work every year. Of course, some of these only require a minimal amount of treatment, and the person can get back to work in a short amount of time. Others are much more severe and cause long-term, life-affecting problems.

In the case of these severe burns that occur on the job site, workers compensation benefits are available to cover medical treatment costs, medications, rehabilitation, and lost wages. If this has happened to you, make sure you get an attorney on your side who has the experience and knowledge necessary to get your claims approved.

All Types of Burns Are Covered by Workers Comp

As long as a burn injury is severe enough to require medical treatment and time off work, you can file a workers compensation claim for it in Pennsylvania. Of course, the burn has to occur while you are performing duties related to your job. All of the following types of burns are covered.

Thermal Burns – This is the type of burn that most people think of first. It involves fire, explosions, hot food, liquids, or other materials that come in contact with the skin. They are most common in commercial kitchens and industrial settings.

Chemical Burns – The second most common type of burn involves caustic or corrosive materials that into your skin and cause mild to severe symptoms like redness, pain, skin cell destruction, nerve damage, headaches, and even severe issues like damaged eyesight and vertigo.

Electrical Burns – Residential and commercial electricians, contractors, and anyone who works in the utility fields as a higher chance of getting an electrical burn. When you get a shock, the electricity not only burns the surface of your skin but can travel all the way through to the other side burning everything in its path. In the most severe cases, electrical burns can cause internal problems to deep tissues and organs.

Radiological Burns – Healthcare workers who have x-ray accidents, people who handle radioactive material, and even those who work outside in the hot sun all day and get a bad sunburn all have radiological burns. These not only cause discomfort and skin damage, they actually change the structure of your cells. This is why radiation and excess sun can cause cancer.

Cryogenic Burns – Everyone knows that heat causes burns, but severe cold can also damage the skin and tissues in the same way. Frostbite is one example, but most work-related cryogenic burns occur from handling things like coolants, chemical refrigerants, and liquid nitrogen or dry ice.

Severe Burns Can Disfigure or Necessitate Amputation

Although workers compensation benefits are available for work-related burns of all varieties in Pennsylvania, if the damage to a limb, hand or foot, or any digits is so severe that it requires amputation, or if the burn is so extensive that disfigurement occurs, you may be eligible for specific loss benefits, too. These are additional lump sum payments associated with these more severe outcomes to medical problems sustained at work.

While some of the determinations about specific loss benefits value are determined strictly by the Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Act, most are flexible due to your income at the time the injury occurs. They can last up to 275 weeks after the burn happens.

No matter what type of burn you receive at work, you should contact Gregory Boles at Liberty Bell Workers Compensation law firm in Pennsylvania for a free initial consultation. He has worked tirelessly for 35-plus years to help many employees across the state get the benefits they deserve after a life-changing medical problem.

Streamlined Process of Filing a Burn Injuries Workers Compensation Claims in Philly

If you have been burned in a workplace accident, our workers compensation lawyer in Philadelphia will provide you with all the required legal assistance. Our team has worked on a number of burn injuries at a workplace and knows how to handle the claim process.

In addition, with our legal expertise and experience, you will have a greater chance of having your claim approved and getting workers compensation benefits.

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