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In the realm of workers’ compensation law, any experienced lawyer will explain to you that misclassification of employees involves claiming that workers are actually independent contractors. This matters because Pennsylvania rules that a business does not have to carry workers comp insurance for contractors who may work at a company’s location doing the same job as the other workers but are not actually one of them.

This situation may occur due to a lack of knowledge on the contractor’s part about state laws regarding classification or an intentional plan to get out of paying for the insurance or workers’ compensation benefits. No matter what the reason is, the outcome may be the same: no compensation if you are hurt at work.

If an accident or incident did occur that leaves you with medical bills, but your employer has misclassified you as an independent contractor, it would be in your best interest to contact a skilled employee misclassification attorney near you in Allentown or Philadelphia as soon as possible. Gregory Boles can help you regain the proper classification, so workers’ compensation covers the care you need.

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If any question about the classification is brought up, the general status of employment in Pennsylvania leans toward a legal relationship between you and your employer. Disagreements or lack of documentation about the classification are handed over to the Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Board for final determination.

An independent contractor in Philadelphia or Allentown is an individual who does not fall under the control of a particular company in regard to the services they provide. In most cases, they perform duties guided by their own established trade instead of according to the directions solely of the company involved. In other words, the business that is receiving the benefit of the work does not dictate what the person does. They simply fulfill the project or requirements according to their own methods.

Other differentiation comes from how independent contractors are paid. They have individual contracts with the business that affect only them and no other people working there. They do not work with a salary in most cases.

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This complication causes quite a few potential problems when it comes to things like taxes, insurance, benefits, and workers’ compensation claims. Unlike permanent workers, contractors are not legally entitled to minimum wage, overtime payments, FMLA, insurance, or even some standards of safety on the job.

If an incident occurs that results in an injury, an independent contractor usually has no recourse unless a third-party fold is established. If you were wrongly put in the category of a contractor, contact an employee misclassification attorney as soon as possible. They can assist you with filling out a form provided by the PA Department of Labor. Also, the employee misclassification attorney from Philadelphia or Allentown can help you file for workers’ compensation if you are entitled to the benefits.

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As a worker, you have certain legal rights under relevant laws. We are here to ensure these rights are protected against possible violations such as this one. Our attorneys can assist you with filing an employee misclassification claim and take other important measures to protect your rights and interests.

With our legal team on your side, you will have the legal expertise needed to get the compensation you’re legally entitled to. We will advise you on the most effective course of action that can help us achieve the desired outcome. Reach out to us and we’ll set up your consultation with our trusted employee misclassification attorney near you.