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Statistics reveal that one in every 3 workers in the US will experience a job-related disability before they turn 60. While the Pennsylvania Workers Compensation System exists for the purpose of alleviating the financial and physical stresses caused by work-related injuries, the reality is that injured individuals are often manipulated by insurance companies to accept lesser settlements than they should otherwise get.

The good news is, determined workers compensation attorneys in Allegheny West – such as those who make up our team at Liberty Bell – are here to help you build a robust case and prevent insurance company representatives from taking you for a ride. We offer free initial consultations and follow a strict no win = no fee philosophy to ensure everyone can benefit from our services and get the benefits they want and need.

Our work comp lawyers in Allegheny West stand a cut above the rest

Those facing work-related disabilities stand to lose far more than just a regular paycheck. Beyond the financial strain, affected individuals often grapple with physical pain, anxiety, and stress. With medical expenses piling up, insufficient funds for day-to-day life, and the threat to future job opportunities, life can become overwhelmingly difficult.

We’re fully aware of the challenges you’re facing and are committed to reducing your distress. By leveraging our expertise, long-standing experience, and interpersonal abilities, our work injury attorneys will equip you with the confidence to navigate through adversity.

Remember, the window for submitting a claim is finite, and it’s crucial to act promptly. Succumbing to despair and delaying action can compromise the initial progress achievable through early intervention. Contact our proactive workers’ comp attorneys today, and we’ll ensure you seize the opportunity to reclaim what you’re duly owed.