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Alarming statistics

Your head and brain injury lawyer may share with you the information that every year in the United States, a staggering number of over 1.4 million individuals experience traumatic head injuries, with a significant portion of them stemming from workplace accidents. Despite the existence of federal and state regulations designed to safeguard workers from severe head and brain injuries or illnesses, failure to comply with these regulations can lead to workplace accidents like these.

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Your lawyer can help you get your benefits for both closed and open head injuries. These are two distinct categories used to describe the effects of external force on the cranial region. A prime example of closed trauma is a concussion, which occurs when an external object strikes the affected area without breaking the skin or penetrating the protective structures. In contrast, open trauma results from the impact of an object that breaks the skin and enters the affected area.

Both closed and open trauma can lead to lasting harm, including severe secondary complications and permanent damage. In cases of open trauma, the presence of a visible wound leaves no doubt regarding the occurrence of the head or brain injury, making it very easy for your attorney to strengthen your case in Philadelphia. However, identifying a problem in closed trauma can be challenging, as individuals may exhibit no visible signs and maintain their normal physical abilities.

Importantly, symptoms of closed trauma may not manifest immediately, with some individuals experiencing delayed onset symptoms that can appear days or even weeks later. Those affected by closed trauma may exhibit various symptoms, such as:

  • Abnormal behavior
  • Excessive drowsiness
  • Dilated pupils
  • Severe, radiating headache
  • Inability to move an arm or leg
  • Brief or sustained loss of consciousness
  • Vomiting

In complex cases like these, seeking guidance from specialized brain and head injury lawyers in Allentown and Philadelphia who focus on legal matters related to these conditions is crucial. They possess the expertise to navigate the legal complexities and ensure the necessary support for individuals affected by closed and open trauma.

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Impacts on the delicate control center of the human body, known as brain injuries, can result in enduring alterations to behavior, cognitive function, memory, and motor skills. Life-threatening consequences, such as comas, may arise from these severe incidents. Enlisting the aid of a reliable head and brain injury attorney in Allentown, Philadelphia, and beyond can be instrumental when it comes to getting the care and compensation you deserve.

Should you or a loved one encounter a severe cranial incident in the workplace, you shouldn’t need to face the consequences on your own. Turn to the empathetic and dedicated head and brain injury lawyers at Liberty Bell Workers Compensation, who are committed to securing the benefits and superior medical care you deserve. Your well-being is the priority, meaning that we will leave no avenue unexplored when confronted with profit-driven insurance companies seeking to minimize your rightful compensation.