Back & Neck Injury Attorneys in Philadelphia

Back & Neck Injury Attorneys in Philadelphia

When the back or neck is injured, nerves, ligaments, tendons, muscle, soft tissue, and bone can be permanently damaged. The backbone or spine as it is also called, often sustains the most damage when subjected to trauma or repeated stress. Injury to the spine or the nerves surrounding the spine can result in serious conditions, such as paralysis.

Sadly, many back and neck injuries are work related. Individuals suffering from a back or neck work-related injury might be able to file a workers’ compensation claim to collect financial assistance for the expenses associated with their injury. Although the work comp system is designed to help those hurt on the job, the process to obtain benefits can be complicated and confusing.

Neck Injury Lawyers in Philadelphia

Why attempt the workers’ compensation system on your own when retaining the services of a qualified work injury attorney can greatly increase your chances of securing the most benefits?

At Liberty Bell Workers Compensation, our back injury attorneys are very experienced with back and neck injuries.  We have the legal knowledge needed to successfully negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company and won’t back down till they have secured you a settlement maximizing the benefits you are entitled to under PA law . The various types of damages the skilled neck injury lawyers in our group have secured financial assistance for; include medical bills (doctor visits, surgery, prescription medicine), lost income, and disability.

Back Injury Attorney in Philadelphia

The spine, which runs from the base of the skull to the pelvis, is a column made up of bone and tissue. The bones of the back (vertebrae) protect a cylinder of nerve tissue – the spinal cord. Damage to the bone, tissue or spinal cord of the back or neck can result in serious, life-threatening conditions.

Although many types of injuries can affect the back and neck, the most commonly treated back and neck injuries are spondylolysis and cervical radiculopathy. Spondylolysis is a stress fracture of one of the spine’s vertebrae. Typically, spondylolysis affects the vertebrae of the lower back and can be caused by overuse of the lower back.

Cervical radiculopathy is a clinical term used to describe back pain caused by irritated nerves. Pain caused by a damaged or compressed cervical nerve can extend to arms and hands. Almost any injury that irritates or damages neck nerves can cause cervical radiculopathy, however, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, and degenerative disc disease are the most common causes of this condition.

Get Workers Comp Benefits for Back Injuries in PA

Back injuries are some of the most common complaints that plague employees all across the United States. Over 600,000 people report work-related spine and back issues due to conditions as diverse as sitting at a desk in one position for too long all the way to traumatic truck accidents and falls from high scaffolding. No matter how an injury was sustained, if it occurred at work due to activities performed as part of your job, it most likely makes you eligible to collect workers comp benefits in Pennsylvania.

What Kind of Back Injuries Are Covered?

Many people think that having an aching back is just part of working all day or getting older. While this may be true in some cases, some back pain and conditions are specifically caused by the type of work you do. If the pain starts to take over your life or makes it difficult to perform your job duties or get comfortable anywhere else, you may have a case for workers compensation benefits. This will allow you to get the medical treatment you need and compensate for any lost wages during your recovery period.

Besides chronic pain, some of the back injuries that may qualify for benefits include direct damage to the spinal cord, herniated or slipped discs, spinal fractures, pinched or irritated nerves, and lower back strain and weakness. The most horrendous back injury would involve paralysis due to spinal trauma.

In comparison, simply having a lower back strain seems not as drastic. However, for the many people who suffer with this every day, it severely impacts the quality of life and ability to function at work. The diagnosis may be more serious than you think. This is why getting an expert medical opinion and a treatment plan matters so much. However, the expense and missed work may make some people shy away from this. That is where the Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Act comes in. With the help of an expert attorney, you can file a claim to handle these expenses so you can get the medical assistance you need.

Back injuries may require nothing more than rest and a heating pad. However, they may also require a change of career or serious back surgery. Workers compensation exists so people can receive financial coverage when a job-related injury or bodily damage occurs.

Neck Injury in Philadelphia

As with any injury, proper treatment is of the utmost importance. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, please see a health care professional immediately:

  • Localized pain
  • Tenderness or stiffness
  • Muscle spasms or weakness
  • Numbness or tingling
  • Loss of sensation or movement

The Workers Compensation Process

Unless you suffered an acute injury that severed your spinal cord or crushed vertebrae, you may have a more difficult time proving that back strain was caused specifically by your work. The first step is to report any injury or incident as soon as it happens. Pennsylvania workers compensation law gives you up to 120 days to report. However, you need to do it within 21 days if you want immediate financial benefits a week later.

Since your employer’s insurance company may want to deny your claim initially, it makes sense to get an expert attorney on your side who specializes in PA workers compensation law. Contact Gregory Boles as soon as possible after receiving emergency medical care set up a consultation appointment to discuss your case. He has been practicing workers comp law in Pennsylvania for more than three decades, and he has the experience and knowledge to handle every aspect of your case so you can concentrate on feeling better.

Back & Neck Injury Attorneys

For a thorough evaluation of your case and to learn how a knowledgeable back injury attorney at Liberty Bell Workers Compensation can help get you the tools you need to get better.

Contact our legal group at 215.399.0089. If you’ve thought twice about hiring a qualified attorney because of cost, you’ll be surprised to learn that quality legal representation is within your reach. We won’t get paid until we win your case – guaranteed.