Construction Accident Lawyer in Philadelphia

Construction Accident Lawyer in Philadelphia

Many occupations within the construction industry are among the most dangerous jobs to perform in the country. According to the 2012 National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries, cosntruction work was ranked tenth in the top ten most dangerous jobs in Philadelphia. Every year throughout the city, hundreds of construction workers tragically die and thousands more suffer serious work-related injuries in workplace accidents.

Construction Accident Attorney in Philadelphia

Construction accidents can happen in an instant. However, the injuries stemming from a construction accident often have long-term effects. Serious bone fracture injuries, spinal cord injuries, head injuries, amputation injuries, and burn injuries can leave a worker permanently disabled. Even a seemingly minor knee, ankle or hand injury can affect a worker’s ability to provide for his or her family.

If you or a loved one suffered an injury on the job, it is highly recommended you talk to an ethical construction accident lawyer participating in the joint marketing program, the Workers Compensation Injury Attorneys. With their legal experience, you will quickly learn how the workers’ compensation system works and how you can get benefits for injury-related damages. You will also learn how the construction accident attorneys we work with can prevent you from being denied or delayed much needed benefits.

Philly Construction Accident Lawyers

For many years throughout the area, the competent construction accident attorneys at the Workers Compensation Injury Attorneys have helped hurt and sick workers get maximum benefits for injury expenses, such as medical costs, lost wages, disability, and medical-related travel expenses. Injured workers should not have to suffer both physically and financially, which is why the work comp system was put in place. However, the system does not always make it easy to ensure a hurt employee gets the help he or she needs. Insurance companies looking to keep profits high often deny or delay benefits to legitimate work comp claims.

Don’t let a greedy insurance company try to deny you what you may be entitled to. Get in touch with a skilled construction accident attorney at the Workers Compensation Injury Attorneys right away to discuss your rights and potential case. They are tired of seeing injured employees being taken advantage of by for profit insurance companies and will use every resource they have to put a stop to insurance companies’ unethical tactics.

Construction Accident Attorneys in Philly

You wouldn’t let a plumber fix your roof, so why would you let an attorney with no work comp experience handle your work comp case? At the Workers Compensation Injury Attorneys, all of the professional construction accident lawyers who are a part of our joint marketing program have years of experience handling cases similar to yours and will:

  • Investigate the cause of the accident to prove your injury was work-related
  • Handle talks with your employer and their insurance carrier
  • Make sure you have access to the best doctors and surgeons in the area
  • Gather, prepare, and submit claim paperwork
  • Always keep you informed of the status of your case
  • Never ask you for a dime until they get you full and fair benefits

Philadelphia Construction Accident Lawyer

If you have questions about your construction accident-related injury or would like to know more about the Workers Compensation Injury Attorneys, please contact a friendly member of our staff right now at 215.399.0089. Consultations are free and every case is taken on a no win, no fee basis. Why wait one more day to ensure you get the most benefits for your injury damages? Pick up the phone and call today!