Knee, Ankle, & Foot Injury Lawyers in Philadelphia

Knee Injury Lawyers in Philadelphia

Knee, ankle, and foot injuries caused by trauma can result in open or closed bone fractures, contusions, lacerations, soft tissue damage, muscle damage, joint damage, and dislocation. After suffering a traumatic knee, ankle or foot injury in an accident at work, don’t wait to see a doctor and do not wait to report the injury to your supervisor.

You only have so much time to report an injury and waiting to tell your supervisor about your injury could put your ability to collect workers’ compensation benefits at risk. After reporting your injury, it would be wise to contact a dedicated knee injury attorney at Liberty Bell Workers Compensation. With our legal help, you can focus on what’s most important – your health.

Ankle Injury Attorneys in Philadelphia

Although numerous knee, ankle, and foot injuries stem from trauma, many are caused by repetitive stress. Repeating the same task over and over for a prolonged period of time can lead to an overuse injury, such as tendinitis or a stress fracture. For example: a worker who lifts heavy boxes every day multiple times throughout the day is most at risk for an overuse injury due to the strain and stress placed on the tendons, muscles, and ligaments of the knee, ankle, and foot joints.

Foot Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia

The different types of injuries that can affect the knee, ankle or foot, include:

Bone fractures
Bone fractures are typically categorized as either open or closed. Open bone fractures are visible because the bone has penetrated the skin. Closed bone fractures are not visible because the bone has created an open wound. Ankle fractures are one of the most common types of fractures in the U.S.

Anterior cruciate ligament tear
The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), which runs diagonally in the middle of the knee, is one of the most frequently injured ligaments of the knee. Patients suffering from an ACL tear must often undergo surgery to regain full function of the knee.

Sprains, which are stretched or torn ligaments, tendons or muscles, can cause a variety of symptoms. Some of the more common symptoms of knee, ankle or foot sprains include pain, swelling, bruising, and stiffness or weakness of the affected area.

Knee Injury Attorney in Philadelphia

When you look to the workers’ compensation for assistance and get denied the opportunity to collect benefits, it can be frustrating and angering. Sadly, it’s become the norm for insurance carriers to hastily deny injured workers benefits.

If you’ve been denied benefits, it does not mean your quest for compensation is over. The professional ankle injury attorneys at Liberty Bell Workers Compensation can offer hope to those who may feel like their situation is hopeless. We have a clear understanding of the tactics insurance companies use to deny or delay benefits and are prepared to fight for your legal rights.

Ankle Injury Lawyers in Philadelphia

Getting benefits for medical bills, total or partial disability, lost wages, and travel expenses does not have to be stressful. Look to an aggressive foot injury lawyer at Liberty Bell Workers Compensation to help relieve you of some of the burdens associated with a severe injury.

Make an appointment today to speak privately with a skilled knee injury attorney. It won’t cost you a thing for the consultation and every case is represented on a no recovery, no fee basis. Call 215.399.0089 before too much time passes. Waiting too long to seek legal help can result in a claim denial.