What If Multiple Parties are Involved in the Car Crash

Sometimes in a car crash, there can be multiple parties liable for its cause. This means that if the victim gets injured he/she can recover compensation from all the parties responsible for the car crash.

When and How Multi-Vehicle Car Crashes Happen?

Several points of impact may include multi-vehicle car wrecks which result in severe injuries and even death. Some very common cause of multi-vehicle crashes include:

  • Distracted Driving: There are higher chances that drivers who are distracted cause multiple vehicle accidents. Distraction can be anything like using mobile, talking to the passenger, eating, drinking, or adjusting GPS or radio.
  • Tailgating: Driver who don’t keep a safe distance from other vehicles and have to apply to slow down or apply brakes in very little time if the vehicle ahead of them has to stop suddenly. This may cause a chain reaction of multiple vehicles hitting each other.
  • Impaired Driving: Drivers are less alert when they are driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In such a condition they may not be able to quickly react to something going on ahead of their vehicle.
  • Speeding: Driving at a high speed causes loss of vehicle control and rear-end collisions which result in multiple vehicles smash if they don’t stop. The risk is much higher when multi-vehicle collide on the interstate when they are traveling above 50m/hr.
  • Drowsy Driving: When drivers are fatigued or drowsy they may doze off behind the steering wheel and this maximizes the chances of a dangerous vehicle collision.
  • Weather Conditions: often multi-vehicle wreck is the result of bad weather conditions such as high winds, snow, rain, or fog. A multiple-vehicle crash may happen when any of these factors are combined with the recklessness of the driver.

Get In Touch With An Experienced Legal Professional

If you got injured in a crash involving multiple vehicles then this personal injury case is different. You then need to contact a qualified lawyer to guide you about your case. Get in touch with the Stockton car accident attorney to know about your legal options.

Liability for Multi-Vehicle Accidents

In case the accident happens two or more vehicles are involved in the crash then the liability falls on multiple drivers. The driver who initiated the crash is often liable for most of the fault. However, the rest of the drivers are also responsible for over speeding or any other form of recklessness discussed above if found guilty.

If the accident is the result of any form of negligence discussed earlier, the victim is eligible for damage compensation including lost wages, medical bills, and property damage.

As these cases are complicated so claimant needs to hire a skilled lawyer to investigate the case and represent you in court. You will be immediately offered a settlement by the insurance company.

Do not trust such offers as the case needs time for the investigation to access liability. Contact the lawyer as they are prepared to seek out video footage of the accident, consulting medical experts, study the vehicle damage as well as interview witnesses to find out the fault.

What Injuries are not covered by Worker’s Compensation Insurance?

As a rule of thumb, any injury sustained during an activity that benefits your employer renders you eligible for worker’s compensation insurance. However, if an injury can easily be healed with the contents of a first aid box, it means it is not severe enough to file a compensation claim; a minor bruise, cut, and a onetime headache do not qualify. However, circumstances of an accident can be unusual, so you never know where you stand. If you are confused regarding a workplace injury, you must consult a personal injury attorney to determine your fate. Worker’s compensation laws may differ from state to state, and there are exceptions to every situation. Personal Injury Attorney in Woodland Hills mentions the types of injuries that are normally not covered by worker’s compensation insurance:

Accidents during Commute to and from Work

If you get into a traffic accident while travelling to work or getting home from work, your injuries will not be reimbursed by the company’s worker’s compensation insurance. However, if you were using a company car and your job location I not fixed, you can claim for compensation. You can also qualify for insurance if you were running an errand for your boss on the way to work.

Injuries caused by Horseplay or a Fight at Work

Fooling around or quarrelling with a colleague at the workplace does not fall under the scope of employment; therefore, you cannot demand compensation for getting hurt due to your personal antics, competitions, or rivalries. On the contrary, you might qualify for reimbursement if you were an innocent bystander or your employer did not discourage the illicit behavior. 

Injuries resulting from Intoxication

If you show up at work drunk or are under the influence of a drug, the employer is not responsible for whatever trouble you get into. Intoxication boggles the mind and deteriorates coordination between the mind and body, so you become more susceptible to accidents. However, intoxication defenses are difficult for an employer to prove, unless you are forced to undergo a blood test on the spot.

Accidents occurred during Recreational Activities

Many employers arrange for recreational activities for the mental and physical wellbeing of the staff. These activities are optional, and may or not be executed on the work site. Injuries incurred during recreational activities are only compensable if they were carried out during working hours and your boss obligated you to participate. Moreover, you may also deserve reimbursement if the recreation included work related events, such as a presentation or discussion that is in the interests of the company.

Injuries incurred during Lunch Break

If you leave the work premises during lunch break to eat out or take care of some other personal business, you shall consider yourself outside the boundaries of employment. Your boss cannot be held liable for an accident that occurs while you are utilizing free time for something that doesn’t concern them. Compensation claims could be valid if you were hurt inside the office break room or cafeteria. As you were near and accessible to the employer during time off, it denotes mutual benefit.  

Offsite Injuries

If you are away from work for the sake of executing personal missions, it does not concern the employer. However, your injuries are covered by worker’s compensation if they happened while you were working from home, travelling between two work sites, involved in offsite education/training integral to the job, or engaged in a business trip.

Car Accidents in the City of Arts and Innovation – Riverside, California

Riverside, the city known as “Arts and Innovations” is also known for its diversity, which means people approach this place for being diverse and acceptable ground for business. This shows that the city is busy all year as people reach it out with art, ideas, and innovations. It is the most populous city in the Inland Empire and stands on being the 12 th most populous city of California and the 58 th most populous city of The United States. With all the good things happening in the city and all sorts of arts and innovations being shared, there is something that one person is always in a risk of, Car Accidents!
As people rush to reach their area of interest, the traffic continues to increase and with that, the number of car accident cases also increase, because there will always be a person with an excuse of his recklessness and negligent behavior. And whenever you find yourself being victimized in a car accident case with material loss, injuries, and where vehicle damage has occurred, the first step to getting towards a fair compensation would be getting the right kind of help. In Riverside, Riverside Car Accident Lawyer can help you, as our lawyers excel in personal injury and car accident cases and they will make sure that you get monetary compensation for Economic and Non-Economic Damages which means, the responsible party will pay for your medical bills, income loss, future income loss [applicable in Permanent injuries], mental/emotional distress, pain, and suffering.
The damages mentioned above needs accurate or close to accurate estimation to ensure that you get all your claims settled and monetarily restored. A lawyer will look into the facts of the incident, will collect pieces of evidence, and will list out all the claims and will translate that information into a monetary claim to ensure that the responsible party pays for your injuries and losses. Having legal representation on your side will ensure smooth and hoax free negotiations with the other party’s insurance adjusters. Insurance companies and big organizations have
agents that will only try to dispose of your claim as soon as possible with no fair dealing; they will not offer you a plausible settlement. So having a Riverside Car Accident Lawyer by your side in Riverside, California will elevate your chances to get Actual Cash value or replacement cost for your vehicle damage and will help you get damages for your injury and loss.
Accidents are not just a case of heavy traffic or high-speed road; there are thousands of other factors that can be counted while dealing with a car accident case, such as, Drunken Driving case, driving under influence, distracted driver, highway design flaw, texting, and Driving, etc.
So, all of these factors have to be kept in front while drafting a claim against the responsible party for negotiations and settlements.
In case of a failed negotiation, your lawyer will also ensure that the case goes into trial and he will help you prove that the accused actually acted recklessly, negligently, or was under influence. The burden of proof is on the Plaintiff in such cases and to prove that the duty of standard of care was breached by the other party, which caused the accident. As medical
situations are better dealt by medical experts, it is also inevitable to get legal help in cases that require legal assistance from someone with the knowledge in this field.

Why Drivers Need Personal Injury Lawyers in an Accident

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident can be one of the most devastating things that you
will ever have to deal with in your life. Not only can you and another person get hurt in a car
accident, but the damage to your vehicle could be so great to the point that you actually have to
get it impounded and buy a new one. This is why so many people are interested in getting an
accident attorney who can work with them when they are involved in a motor vehicle accident.
The accident attorney will be able to take your case on for you and help you to get the
compensation that you both need and want in order to get on with your life.

The most important thing for you to consider is hiring a personal injury attorney so that they can
work with you want a case in order for you to get some type of compensation. A lot of people
who are involved in a motor vehicle accident get hurt and they may have to deal with medical
bills and medical issues for many years to come because of the fact that this accident happened
in the first place. This is why it is so important for you to consider working with a professional
los Angeles personal injury attorney so that they can take the case on for you and get you some
type of compensation in order for you to feel better about the outcome of the problem itself. 
What you would want to know about a professional accident lawyer is that they can take on a
motor vehicle injury case for you, but they will have to know all of the details about the injury
and accident before they are able to take you on as a client. This means that you may have to
indulge different types of medical issues to these professionals in order for them to get you the
help that you need in a secure and professional manner. They will be able to sit down with you
and discuss the different types of options that come if they were to take you on as a client and
what you should expect after going to a court of law for this case in general.

It is so important for you to consider working with a professional car accident lawyer like
Attorney Payam Shayani because of the fact that this is someone who specifically works on
motor vehicle accident cases each and every day. You can feel confident knowing that this is a
professional who will be able to walk you through the process of going to court because of the
fact that you were in an accident and were hurt or severely dealt with car damage because of a
result of this. The lawyer can walk you through this process so that you do not feel so out of
place when it comes to finally go into a court of law to have your case heard in front of a judge
with the lawyer by your side.

Different Types of Worker’s Compensation Fraud

Accidents can happen anywhere, including your workplace. Sometimes, the nature of work or the working environment can deteriorate one’s health. When an employee files a lawsuit against the employer, the company’s reputation is put at risk.

The Worker’s Compensation Insurance is a program designed to take care of work related injuries and illnesses among employees. With a sound insurance plan, business owners can prevent employees from suing and dragging them to court; the employees get the benefits they need and the employer is saved from paying the expenses out of pocket. Worker’s compensation covers medical bills and lost wages for an indefinite time period.  

While the program was established for the wellbeing of business owners and their staff, many individuals try to manipulate it for personal gains.  Wheat Ridge, CO Worker’s Compensation Lawyer state that worker’s compensation fraud comes in different forms; anyone among the employee, employer, or healthcare provider can be held liable. 

Worker’s Compensation Fraud by Employees

Worker’s compensation fraud by an employee is the most common of all three. Sometimes workers fake an injury or illness to get time off without deduction of salary. Pretending to have a fever and submitting a fake doctor’s certificate for leave is something that is witnessed frequently at offices and workstations.

At times accidents do occur and cause mild injuries to employees. The employee may exaggerate the injury or illness to avoid coming in for work. For example, ordinary leg cramps could be described as intolerable pain, which is keeping them from standing up or leaving bed.

Some workers utilize injuries that were not inflicted on the job. An injury encountered elsewhere is demonstrated as one caused at the workplace, so the company pays for their medical expenses and lost wages.

Worker’s Compensation Fraud by the Employer

Many business owners only buy worker’s compensation insurance because it is a requirement of the state. The interest of their employees does not concern them, so they seek shortcuts to minimize the payables.

Presenting employees as independent contractors, wrongly classifying workers, or showing a lesser number than the actual quantity of staff are a few widely used strategies. Many companies misinterpret the job requirement and lie about environmental safety to qualify for cheaper premiums.

Although this technique helps them save substantial payments in the beginning, they have to pay heavy fines and penalties when they get caught. In some cases, higher taxes are imposed and employees have to be paid more for ‘extra work’.

Worker’s Compensation Fraud by Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers, including doctors, nurses, and hospital accountants tend to take advantage of the system. Physicians give an incorrect diagnosis or represent a minor injury as a serious medical condition. They overcharge for patient care and bill the company for treatment that was neither necessary, nor provided.

By fooling the injured employee and their employer, they are able to extract a good load of money from the insurance program. A wrong procedure or unsuitable medication that harms the patient shall be considered as medical malpractice. Medics that are accused of insurance frauds and medical malpractice can lose their operating license. Medical practice lawsuits ruin the reputation of healthcare facilities and sometimes cost them millions of dollars.

What is the Difference between Disability Benefits and Workers Compensation?

When an employee gets injured enough and is rendered unable to do the jobs he is assigned, he may be entitled to different types of financial support. These include:

  • Workers’ compensation
  • Disability benefits
  • Social Security Disability Insurance

Employees are entitled to different kinds of benefits depending upon their circumstances. The key difference between workers’ compensation and other disability benefits are given below:

Workers’ Compensation vs. Disability Benefits

An individual is eligible for workers’ compensation benefits when he or she gets injured at work. It is a requirement according to most states’ legislature that employers carry workers’ compensation in order to cover their injured employees. On the other hand, state disability benefits provide the individual with weekly reimbursements when he/she is not well enough to work at his/her usual or customary job. The main difference between the two benefits is that workers compensation insurances an employee for injuries for which the employer is responsible.On the other hand, disability benefits are not provided through the employer, but these benefits still reconcile for any lost wages.

An individual may be eligible to receive disability benefits while he or she is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. This happens in cases when the state disability benefits are higher than the workers’ compensation benefits.

In cases where the employer or the insurance company do not agree with the fact that the employee should be provided workers’ compensation, the state may entitle him or her to state disability benefits till the time the dispute is brought to a conclusion. The state may ask for the return of the money when the employee is finally provided workers’ compensation.

Workers’ compensation temporary benefits are paid to an individual till the time their condition turns out to be permanent and inactive. In such cases, the injured individual may get to receive permanent disability benefits and medical care for a life-time. On the other hand, state disability benefits can be paid for a maximum of 52 weeks.

Sometimes, an injured employee is provided with both SSDI and workers’ compensation benefits. In order to be eligible for both simultaneously, certain conditions need to be fulfilled. If someone is expected to remain disabled for a period of at least a year, or is suffering from a deadly illness and has paid significant funds that make him eligible for social security disability system, the person may be entitled to both workers’ compensation (or state disability benefits) and SSDI at the same time. However, SSDI may get reduced by the workers’ compensation receipt or state disability benefits.

People are normally not entitled to unemployment benefits and temporary disability benefits (received through workers’ compensation) simultaneously. In cases where doctors find out that the individual is unable to continue work and the employer is unable to find a suitable job in their company that the injured individual can perform, the individual can be entitled to unemployment benefit. Theseunemployment benefits can only be paid for a maximum of six months.